These two videos from the Nerdy Novelist do a great job of exploring some of the same territory that I have been. This first one is specifically about using AI to produce short books (under 10K words), and references my Newsweek piece:

I think he’s exactly right that bite-size short form books are going to rise in popularity. Because literally everything else on the web is chunk-format like that. So it’s only obvious. And this happens to be a format that AI can really shine in, especially if you’re partnering with it for lore & world-building.

This other video by the same source goes into that maybe the term “author” isn’t the best one for creators incorporating AI into their work (though I’m by no means opposed to it if it feels right for that person):

I went into more my thoughts regarding that issue in this post, and I lean in the direction of “creative director” or “producer” but I liked his use here of “Chief Creative Officer” in a more corporate-sounding cant.