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Introducing AI Complainer

I tried making an action figure of myself in Dalle3 and this is what I came up with (both images appear below). Culled from a much larger set of results, not uploaded here.

The resemblance isn’t quite there, but the spirit is right. I was aiming more for Unabomber, but it gave me more Paul Stamets instead, which perhaps isn’t so far off in the end.

Another variation:

It’s fun Dalle3 but at this point, it feels a little janky still to have this advanced AI system that can’t follow directions. I kept asking for a close-cropped hair and beard and/or five o’clock shadow, and it consistently gave long and grey hair, etc. It kept including guns and V for Vendetta masks, and I kept asking it not to. Then it would do it again, and I would say, do you know you’re not following instructions? And then it would be like yes, blah blah blah.

What can I say, I really am “AI COMPLAINER.” This action figure only proves what we knew all along.


Got at least a five o’clock shadow here by starting a completely new set:


Managing gen AI assets is a PITA


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