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Entity: HP Printer

Tech support phone number.

Format: Flash Cards, Q&A

To convey a storyline using a series of Q&A flashcards which must be memorized and an examination passed before the next chapter of the story will unfold.

President-Elect picks A.I. cabinet member controlled by private corporation

The President-Elect today shocked a nervous world — yet again — with his latest bombshell cabinet pick for Secretary of State, an artificial intelligence called Princeps — a proprietary fifth generation descendant of DeepDream. Developed in secret by ICA, Princeps will act as network hub and controller for the various local Factotum systems being installed to orchestrate survival, re-construction and rescue operations in the Autonomous Cities.

In a press conference today, the President-Elect remarked

“It’s a good thing we had the foresight as a nation to give corporations constitutional human rights so that I could nominate three corporeal A.I.’s to the bench who were much more amenable to the proposed societal modifications of the Party Sponsors. Their mysterious technological powers have really made our Great Transition run much more smoothly, despite everything that’s happened. And we’re so very pleased today to be working together here with Princeps as Secretary of State. We can assure all concerned citizens that our Great Technological Federation will do its level-best to re-inforce the climate containment domes and restore potable water and waste incineration services to the exurbanate areas surrounding the Autonomous Cities.”

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SDR “Interesting Frequencies” Post

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I just got an RTL-SDR dongle by Nooelec and am using CubicSDR on Mac. I’m able to easily find FM radio stations, but outside of that I’m not sure where to look for interesting frequencies to listen to. (total newbie) Is there some guide online you could point me to with frequencies to try tuning into for various types of usages? Thanks!

Character: Reality Creepingless

Entity: Plastic Motherhood

Character: Codish Noxon

Comes from a rich family. Father struck by lightning.

Emotional spectrum

I’ve been exploring the radio frequency spectrum with CubicSDR and a dongle from Nooelec I bought on Amazon.ca. One thing I’ve been wondering is with emotions: do they have an equivalent “spectrum” which is somehow identifiable and/or reproducible, just as electro-magnetic energy does?

Moreover, could EMF spectrum points somehow be pegged to/triggers for physiological-emotional responses in humans and other living things?

Corporate visitor

And for that reason the law has provided proper persons to visit, inquire into and correct all irregularities that arise in such corporations, either sole or aggregate, and whether ecclesiastical, civil or eleemosynary”. Prior to the religious revolution of the sixteenth century the pope was the visitor of the archbishops and metropolitans. In respect to all lay corporations, the founder, his heirs, or assigns are the visitors under the English system. In the various States of the American Union visitors of corporations are practically unknown; the supervision of private corporations being vested in courts of equity.


Ultra vires


In corporate law, ultra vires describes acts attempted by a corporation that are beyond the scope of powers granted by the corporation’s objects clause, articles of incorporation or in a clause in its Bylaws, in the laws authorizing a corporation’s formation, or similar founding documents. Acts attempted by a corporation that are beyond the scope of its charter are void or voidable.

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