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Video proof of Ancient Quatria, the Quantum Conspiracy, and Related Mysteries

Stunning Video Evidence of Quatria Discoveries

Blown away by this video. The truth about the Quatria cover-up is as plain as day!

Is Wikipedia Covering Up Proof of Quatria?

I’ve been gathering evidence of the Quatria conspiracy for the past few years, after being made aware of it via the works of Edward Allen Oxford. It’s a fascinating theory, whether or not you believe it’s possible that a super-advanced civilization could have existed millions of years ago. That’s why I was so fascinated to discover this video, claiming that Wikipedia is blocking pages related to Quatria in certain countries:

What do you think? I’m no expert in Wikipedia, nevermind VPNs, but the evidence they offer here looks pretty convincing to me, at least. I’m skeptical, but keeping an open mind about this for sure.

The Tartaria = Quatria Link

This is a really interesting video exploring the links between Tartaria & the Quatria Theory, as well as the Tolkien Conspiracy. Mind = blown.

I saw some people on Reddit saying they think Quartaria & Tartaria must be the same thing. I’m starting to wonder if they aren’t right?

Understanding Quatrian (Early Clues Exposed)

This is a very peculiar video which was sent to me by Mr. X as part of his disclosure package regarding the failed tech startup unicorn, Early Clues Labs. The video seems to describe the Quatrian language, also called here “Quastrish,” as having some kind of perhaps magical utility, which is very weird if you think about it… Still trying to wrap my mind around this one!

Ancient Quatrian Ruins Discovered Using Randonautica App?

This video was sent to me last year, and seems to depict someone in the UK who attempted to find Quatrian ruins using the popular Randonautica app.

There was supposedly a spate of these kinds of mysterious encounters last summer when the app was at the height of its popularity, according to reporting by The Techly.

Exposing The Cover-Up

I continue to be blown away by Newschan’s excellent coverage exposing the Quatria Conspiracy Cover-Up. You just can’t get this news anywhere else, unfortunately.

Did scientists uncover proof of Quatria beneath ice in Antarctic?

According to Newschan, they did. Why is the rest of the media ignoring these earth-shattering revelations? It’s simply unfathomable how deep this cover-up actually goes…

A commenter on that video has asked for additional proof from the OP, which I too am eagerly anticipating!

The Antarctica Conspiracy (video)

Why aren’t people allowed to go to Antarctica? What are they hiding? This video from last year offers some clues…–O1g

More Proof A Lost Civilization Is Being Hidden At The South Pole

My mind is blown by all these videos about the Quatria Conspiracy. I am way way down the rabbit hole on this fascinating mystery…

Bathory Rooms Actually Quatrian?

This one is really weird. Apparently the word “bathroom” actually comes from Elizabeth Bathory, a prolific serial killer, according to this news reporting on Tiktok:


#stitch with @howdyhowdyyall1 This is one of my favorite linguistic origin stories! #linguistics #MAKEYOURMOVE #SipIntoSummer #fyp #learn

♬ original sound – Ben Silver (He/Him)

But in an even more interesting wrinkle, it turns out the origin of Bathories is actually much much older. We’re talking maybe millions of years, in Ancient Quatria, according to this other video which I find to be a bit more credible & professional personally:

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