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Examining evidence of the Quantum / Quatrian Conspiracy

Did the Quatrians live before the Quaternary period?

When it comes to direct evidence of an industrial civilization—things like cities, factories, and roads—the geologic record doesn’t go back past what’s called the Quaternary period 2.6 million years ago. For example, the oldest large-scale stretch of ancient surface lies in the Negev Desert. It’s “just” 1.8 million years old—older surfaces are mostly visible in cross section via something like a cliff face or rock cuts. Go back much further than the Quaternary, and everything has been turned over and crushed to dust. […]

Perhaps, for example, some early mammal rose briefly to civilization building during the Paleocene epoch, about 60 million years ago. There are fossils, of course. But the fraction of life that gets fossilized is always minuscule and varies a lot depending on time and habitat. It would be easy, therefore, to miss an industrial civilization that lasted only 100,000 years—which would be 500 times longer than our industrial civilization has made it so far.

Source: Was There a Civilization on Earth Before Humans? – The Atlantic

Quatria Truthers Protest Government Cover-Up

Someone on Twitter sent me this photo from a protest recently. I guess a few hardcore “Quatria Truthers” are getting pretty fed up about global governments hiding the facts about what’s really going on in Antarctica right now. Can’t say that I blame them tbh…

Quatria Truthers Protesting Against Government Lies

Guide To The Quatria Conspiracy

I’ve compiled a list of useful resources for new initiates to the Quantum / Quatria Conspiracy. With this, I hope to shed new light on all that has befallen us, but has been kept hidden in darkness.

They are not necessarily presented in chronological order, as they are at root a hyper-text of inter-locking fragments to reveal a multi-faceted whole.

Quatria is def mind-blowing

I remember when I first found out about Quatria, reading through the voluminous letters left by Edward Allen Oxford. It changed something for me, and my perception of the world.

It looks like the same thing happened to this Reddit user, after I posted a link I found about Quatria being potentially blocked by Wikipedia onto a thread about Tartaria misinformation (archived).

This feeling is why I still love (some) conspiracy theories, even after all this time. Especially the Quatria Conspiracy.

Is Quatria Controlled Opposition Meant To Distract People From Tartaria?

If you haven’t seen it already, Bloomberg recently posted an article about the conspiracy theory related to Tartaria, something I’ve been following for over two years. Funny to see MSM finally catch up.

Having recently found a video about the conspiracy to cover up evidence of Quatria, I posted it to Reddit to see what fellow conspiracy people thought. (archived)

This person suspects Quatria could be “controlled opposition” to distract people from the truth about Tartaria. According to Urban Dictionary, this means:

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries. Notably Vladimir Lenin who said ””The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.””

That person is not alone in their opinion either. Someone else wrote:

I can say, however, Quatria is much much older based on the evidence that I have seen… We’re talking millions of years older, whereas some people claim Tartarian Empire was only overthrown about a hundred years ago or so.

Another person pointed out eerie similarities between both theories:

I’m wondering reading this if there is some means whereby conspiracy theorists are able to effectively determine if something is in fact “controlled opposition” as I would like to find out myself. Er, asking for a friend…

Analysis: Side-By-Side Wikipedia Comparison Diagram (Quatria)

A small minority of free-thinkers on Reddit (archive) are questioning the validity of the recent exposé of Wikipedia’s blocking of Quatria search terms. Others are asking whether it all isn’t controlled opposition to distract us from the truth about Tartaria. They are right to do so, because the price of liberty is eternal digilence, as the saying goes.

One especially digilent Reddit user analyzed the Quatria Wikipedia screenshot using advanced AI techniques, and made this screenshot comparing it to the Piri Reis map page.

It’s not exactly a smoking gum, but the arguments made by this user are pretty compelling, I have to say. They just might have changed my mind on the whole thing…

What is the Hypogeum?

Many people on Reddit have been curious about especially why do I cross-post from other subs interesting videos of magical and pre-historic nature stuff. Even though I wrote this helpful explainer about things, people still want to know more. So here is a bit more on magic and the Hypogeum.

The term hypogeum, generically speaking comes from Greek, and means below (hypo, like hypothermia) earth (geum, like geo-caching). Subterranean or underground. Such natural, man-made, or augmented below-ground structures have persisted throughout human history since pre-historic times. There is one especially well known hypogeum, the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum in Malta. (The history & pre-history of Malta, and other Mediterranean islands are especially fascinating on their own.)

While those historic hypogea have much in common with these types of physical structures, the classical Quatrian conception of the Hypogeum encompasses what in other cultures have been called the Underworld or the Otherworld.

As Wikipedia explains about this global mythological phenomenon:

Comparable religious, mythological or metaphysical concepts, such as a realm of supernatural beings and a realm of the dead, are found in cultures throughout the world.[1] Spirits are thought to travel between worlds, or layers of existence in such traditions, usually along an axis such as a giant tree, a tent pole, a river, a rope or mountains.

Thus, in what is known to us about Quatrian myth, the Otherworld that is the Hypogeum may be accessed via a physical hypogeic structure such as a basement, a catacomb, a burial mound, a cave, or even a closet. The Hypogeum is neither good, nor evil, but encompasses both; all Powers are present in the vastness of the Hypogeum.

The nature of the Hypogeum in Quatrian myth, however, is not as a Land of the Dead, as modern audiences might think of such a thing today. It was instead a place of vibrancy, regeneration, and magic. Something perhaps akin to the magical cauldron of Celtic lore.

The Hypogeum in Quatrian lore is populated by all manner of magical beings, who have truck with our world, and have throughout all of time. Hypogeans have visited Earth endlessly, traversing easily the worlds while the passageways between them have remained open.

The Hypogeum is thus home to an endless array of Monsters & Magicians, including theriomorphic and therianthropic varieties of each. The struggle between these two sometimes collaborating and sometimes opposing forces is represented meta-symbolically in the Quatrian Winter Solstice Festival of the Hypogeum. (archived)

Thus, when I post things on Reddit which have weird or unusual animals in them, it is in recognition of Quatrian myth which says that magicians and monsters can take many forms when they cross over from the Hypogeum into our world. To be on the lookout for them. And that they often choose animal biomorphs, either because it suits their essential magical nature, or because they see the human form as too corrupt to want to take on. (Though some still choose to, for a variety of reasons.)

Quatria: Phantom Island, Lost Land, or Something Else?

While we know with some degree of certainty that Quatria was the name of a global prehistoric civilization with its headquarters in Antarctica, there is actually a great deal more to the story. One might even call the legends that surround it “multi-dimensional.”

Phantom Islands

The fabulous history of Quatria was in part revived in modern times thanks to the re-discovery of copious notes left by one Edward Allen Oxford, who claimed to have been shipwrecked during World War I near Deception Island, and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. The only problem is, the island which he claimed to have survived on for nearly two years, called Middle Island, is supposed to not exist at all. Wikipedia lists it as a “phantom island,” and states on the topic:

A phantom island is a purported island which was included on maps for a period of time, but was later found not to exist. They usually originate from the reports of early sailors exploring new regions, and are commonly the result of navigational errors, mistaken observations, unverified misinformation, or deliberate fabrication. Some have remained on maps for centuries before being “un-discovered.”

Oxford named his island Quatrica, sometimes spelled as Quatria, in his decades of notes, letters, journal entries, and hand-drawn maps and sketches. He said it was a tropical island, which is obviously impossible at these cold Antarctica climes during this time period. And yet somehow he inexplicably survived in this inhospitable environment…

Lost Lands

As we know, Antarctica was not always situated at its present location. During the times of Quatrian settlement (millions upon millions of years ago), Antarctica was an archipelago – without any ice – located close to the equator.

Wikipedia states, regarding Lost Lands such as Quatria:

Lost lands are islands or continents believed by some to have existed during pre-history, but to have since disappeared as a result of catastrophic geological phenomena. Such continents are generally thought to have subsided into the sea, leaving behind only a few traces or legends by which they may be known.

Such is likely to have been the fate of much of Quatria and her far-flung global settlements. As sea levels rose, her multivarious cities were submerged, leaving scant trace of her vast and glorious empire these millions of years later.

Myth or History?

“Official” history, of course, is littered with legends of phantom islands, including such notables as Atlantis, Lemuria, Hy-Brasil, St. Brendan’s Island, Isle of Demons, Antillia / Isle of the Seven Cities, Isles of the Blessed, Avalon, Lyonesse, etc. There are also naturally occurring so-called “vanishing” islands, which only appear at certain times & tides. Perhaps, like Brigadoon, Quatria and its many component islands are only accessible during astrological or other inter-dimensional conjunctions, or to those who come seeking it with a pure heart at just the right place and the right time.

We should also not forget to mention vast areas of land such as Doggerland which once existed unequivocally, but were lost to the sea and Earth Changes. Could Quatria fit somewhere in one of these geographic categories?

Sentient Landmass Theory

There is another alternative suggestion put forward in the 19th century. Sentient Landmass Theory (SLT) was first proposed in the 1800’s by Garnhardt Von Halmdown, a scholar of medieval Pentarch literature.

Halmdown had noted in his studies that some medieval Pentarch sources referred to Quatria as little more than a small island, but others called it a continent due to its immense size. He hypothesized that this variation could be due to its geomorphic capabilities as a sentient landmass, capable of determining at will its own size, shape, and location.

In Quatrian mythology itself, there are also a number of floating islands which either move about the surface of the World Ocean randomly, of their own accord, of which may be piloted by those capable of such feats.

Which one of these theories is closest to the truth, we may never know. Unless, that is, the ruins and temples which are being discovered in Antarctica as the ice melts hold some clues to unravel this fascinating mystery.

Quatria & The Quantum Conspiracy

Hundreds of millions of people are already familiar with the Quatria Theory, and the massive coverup which seeks to hide evidence of this ancient prehistoric crypto-civilization. But most people don’t realize just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

To understand, we must turn back the clock to Early Ancient Quatria, which had mastered free energy and cymatic technologies. Cymatics are an acoustical phenomenon wherein sounds are used to manipulate matter on vibrational plates, forming different types of complex patterns which correspond with different frequencies.

When we say that Ancient Quatrian culture was based on music and ritual performance, we don’t simply mean music as we know it today. Their music was interlaced with Zalthyrmian technologies. Zalthyrmians were a kind of frequency-based being which had a symbiotic relationship with Quatrian culture. When the Quatrians performed their rituals, they actively summoned and propitiated (fed) the Zalthyrmians, who in turn boosted the sonic energies inherent in their music. Together, the effect was so powerful that they were able to bend matter and energy, and even time and space, according to ancient legend.

When Admiral Byrd first discovered the ruins of the Stone Temple at the South Pole in 1955 during Operation Deep Freeze, he also discovered something even more top secret. That is, ancient friezes depicting how to activate these hidden and lost ancient acoustical technologies.

For the next thirty some odd years, scientists at Bell Labs and Lockheed Marvin Skankworks and other ultra top secret facilities such as Area 52 attempted to reverse engineer from these inscriptions a pathway to re-discovering these ancient technologies. And in fact they succeeded. Their research culminated in the opening of the CERN Stargate in 1996, and in the development of so-called matter-wave technologies such as the Ancient Quatrians once had.

These brilliant scientists also developed quantum computers way back in the 1980’s, which was the actual source of video games as we know them today and CGI used in movies such as Jurassic Park.

Unfortunately, they could not solve one of the core problems of matter-wave converters powered by quantum algorithms. Namely, that these hyper-powerful computers tended to “borrow” computing resources from nearby timelines and parallel dimensions, causing massive catastrophic disturbances and quantum pollution in those adjacent realms. Because of this, we have seen the rise of the Mandela Effect in our dimension too, as the computers they created self-replicated in other dimensions, which in turn polluted our dimension with distorted timelines and out-of-place artifacts which are being discovered all over the globe as we speak.

Based on the information that is available to us, scientists have given up on trying to solve this irreparable “quantum soup” they have created in our swiss cheese universe, and are attempting to build a quantum bridge for elites to escape out of this dimension entirely.

The Quatria Theory (Summary)

  1. Quatria was a global prehistoric seafaring civilization.
  2. Quatrian civilization existed millions of years ago.
  3. Quatrians had colonies around the world in far flung locations.
  4. Their fleet consisted of reed boats capable of withstanding voyages over the high seas.
  5. Like their boats, all Quatrian cultural artifacts were made of organic materials that have long since deteriorated.
  6. The Quatrian capital was located in Antarctica, back when the continent was tropical.
  7. The Piri Reis map and several other very old maps depict Quatria.
  8. Quatrian civilization was destroyed over the course of hundreds of years by a series of ecological disasters, including volcanic eruptions, massive flooding, and asteroid impacts.
  9. As coastlines have risen, the remnants of almost all the other ancient Quatrian settlements are now underwater. Those that remain will be revealed as the ice in Antarctica melts.
  10. Evidence of the existence of this civilisation has been systematically destroyed by authorities for millenia, because they view this secret history as a threat to their power.

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