Welcome to the original first drafts of the first volume of Lost Books of Quatria, a recovered work of ancient lore from the forgotten pre-historic civilization of the same name, based on the works of Edward Allen Oxford.

The first volume, “The Lost Direction, was originally published serially on Medium, and the texts linked below represent those versions.

A revised version was published by Lost Books, an indie blockchain publisher in Quebec, Canada and is available as a pocket size soft cover book, an ebook, and a limited edition NFT.

The Lost Book of Quatria (Title)

Below you will find the author’s translations and adaptations of Quatrian myth, history, and culture from primary sources in chronological order of original publication:

Gate of the Secret Castle of Quatria


  1. The Priestly Castes of the Hypergeum
  2. A Tale of Ancient Quatria
  3. Casting the Songboard
  4. The Gates of the Bay of Erasure
  5. The Coming of Ovarion
  6. Notes on the Original Quastrian
  7. The Dark Dance Begins
  8. The First Cry of Delrin
  9. At the Place of the Weeping Waters
  10. The Theriomorphic Magicians
  11. The Birth and Youth of Delrin
  12. The Meeting of Elum
  13. The Forest Villages
  14. At the Ruined Altar
  15. Opening of the Traitor’s Gate
  16. Pressed Into Service
  17. The Song of the Betrayer
  18. The Trial of Benda
  19. The Stone Circle
  20. Becoming Betrayer
  21. On the Nature and Significance of Triangulons in Classical Quatrian Culture
  22. Cursed Encounters
  23. Elum’s Song
  24. Half-Hold
  25. Canals of Light
  26. Before the Shape Wars
  27. Quatrian Grand Theatre in the Age of Song
  28. On the Great Bridge
  29. In the Hands of the Betrayer
  30. Atop the Pillar of Song
  31. This Black Friday Celebrate Quatria Day
  32. The Fall of Delrin
  33. The Cave of Unnaming, Part I
  34. The Cave of Unnaming, Part II
  35. The Tree of Re-Naming
  36. Beneath the Weeping Waters
  37. The Leave-taking of Benda
  38. Storm at Sea
  39. The Five Kingdoms of Kremel
  40. Pre-Historic Tribes of Kremel
  41. The Secret Castle
  42. Washed Ashore
  43. The Fifth King
  44. The Fourth King
  45. The Arch of Passing
  46. The Cloud Spire
  47. High Dock
  48. Myrga Majona
  49. Benda’s Song Atop the Cloud Spire
  50. Banarat’s Tale
  51. The Founding of the Order
  52. The Sky Lords
  53. Tale of the Triads
  54. Hard-Hammer
  55. The Isle of Edeb
  56. Seeker Remembers
  57. Leaving High Dock
  58. Festival of Treewake
  59. The Method of the Threshold
  60. Raisla
  61. The Delving
  62. The Place Below
  63. The Silver Thread
  64. Symbol of Quatria
  65. The Quatrion
  66. Leptom
  67. Golek
  68. Upon Black Water
  69. Tob the Gobble
  70. A Peculiar Tune
  71. The Tale of Tob’s People
  72. The Tale of Tob’s Brother-Father
  73. Meanwhile, Murta
  74. The Knot of Quatria
  75. Tob’s Tale, Part I
  76. Memory Palace
  77. A Brief History of the Shape Wars, Vol. I
  78. The Way to Quatria
  79. Tob’s Tale, Part II
  80. Tob’s Tale, Part III
  81. Tob’s Vision
  82. Zalthyrmians
  83. Benda’s Capture
  84. Xenarths’ Debate
  85. Tob to the Rescue
  86. Kremello-Seftar Sand Dollar Mappa Mundi
  87. Strange Transformations
  88. In The Lair of the Kumbios
  89. A Dream of Fish
  90. Mysterious Distances
  91. The Long-Awaited Homecoming
  92. The Dolphin Ring
  93. To the Citadel
  94. At the High Council
  95. The Lost Direction
  96. The Doldrums
  97. The Dream of Tantathawe
  98. Stormwall
  99. Tetharys
  100. Village Docks
  101. Heron
  102. Epilogue