Hundreds of millions of people are already familiar with the Quatria Theory, and the massive coverup which seeks to hide evidence of this ancient prehistoric crypto-civilization. But most people don’t realize just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

To understand, we must turn back the clock to Early Ancient Quatria, which had mastered free energy and cymatic technologies. Cymatics are an acoustical phenomenon wherein sounds are used to manipulate matter on vibrational plates, forming different types of complex patterns which correspond with different frequencies.

When we say that Ancient Quatrian culture was based on music and ritual performance, we don’t simply mean music as we know it today. Their music was interlaced with Zalthyrmian technologies. Zalthyrmians were a kind of frequency-based being which had a symbiotic relationship with Quatrian culture. When the Quatrians performed their rituals, they actively summoned and propitiated (fed) the Zalthyrmians, who in turn boosted the sonic energies inherent in their music. Together, the effect was so powerful that they were able to bend matter and energy, and even time and space, according to ancient legend.

When Admiral Byrd first discovered the ruins of the Stone Temple at the South Pole in 1955 during Operation Deep Freeze, he also discovered something even more top secret. That is, ancient friezes depicting how to activate these hidden and lost ancient acoustical technologies.

For the next thirty some odd years, scientists at Bell Labs and Lockheed Marvin Skankworks and other ultra top secret facilities such as Area 52 attempted to reverse engineer from these inscriptions a pathway to re-discovering these ancient technologies. And in fact they succeeded. Their research culminated in the opening of the CERN Stargate in 1996, and in the development of so-called matter-wave technologies such as the Ancient Quatrians once had.

These brilliant scientists also developed quantum computers way back in the 1980’s, which was the actual source of video games as we know them today and CGI used in movies such as Jurassic Park.

Unfortunately, they could not solve one of the core problems of matter-wave converters powered by quantum algorithms. Namely, that these hyper-powerful computers tended to “borrow” computing resources from nearby timelines and parallel dimensions, causing massive catastrophic disturbances and quantum pollution in those adjacent realms. Because of this, we have seen the rise of the Mandela Effect in our dimension too, as the computers they created self-replicated in other dimensions, which in turn polluted our dimension with distorted timelines and out-of-place artifacts which are being discovered all over the globe as we speak.

Based on the information that is available to us, scientists have given up on trying to solve this irreparable “quantum soup” they have created in our swiss cheese universe, and are attempting to build a quantum bridge for elites to escape out of this dimension entirely.