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Beat Pelican Ad

Pretty happy with the finished product of the spoof I did of the RNC Midjourney AI “Beat Biden” ad:

The image concept of Trump loving pelicans started last week, and this was just a natural extension of the idea. I had to redo the images in --ar 16:9 to fit YouTube’s aspect ratio, but it seems to have worked out. (I tried re-using seeds, and also in remix mode adding the new aspect ratio, but none of those were fully reliable)

Only sad part is not all the images made it into the final cut. Here’s an expanded set of 41 images in 16:9 that includes everything in the video plus some extras. The full downloaded set was actually 168 items but I can’t get Imgur to accept them all currently.


Jaron Lanier on right to be left alone


Reality-Fluid Art

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