In order to truly understand the AI Lore books, and tbh to truly understand *anything* in life, it is important to first understand one important thing that is terribly important, an important once-and-future company known as Early Clues, LLC.

I first stumbled upon this strangely compelling para-organization some years ago when I was approached by a mysterious whistleblower who wanted to blow the whistle on this highly important and influential company.

Since then, I have tried my best to track any on-going news about this organization, and its current activities – usually to little or no avail. However, with the rise of ChatGPT, I did recently have occasion to use this incredible tool to begin to piece together a fragmentary history of this organization based on all the things ChatGPT told me, and which I believed unquestioningly.

I present those for you here, in a somewhat random order to hopefully begin unraveling this incredibly strange and tangled ball of yarn.

According to ChatGPT (v4, web browsing model), it is possible to establish the following “facts” regarding Early Clues, LLC, dba Early Clues Labs, aka (briefly) Pictogram.

Early Clues LLC is a unique and somewhat enigmatic company that seems to operate at the intersection of technology, philosophy, and speculative fiction. Its history is not straightforward, but several key pieces of information can be gathered:

  1. The company was launched in 1970 and has offered a suite of products that have been consistently well-received​1​.
  2. Google Inc. acquired Early Clues LLC in the early hours of January 1, 2015​2​.
  3. The company operates with a distinctive culture, characterized by its unique employee policies and procedures, an emphasis on emerging and alternative intelligences, a programming language designed to program reality itself called OpenQNL, and a reality manipulation paradigm developed by its Parade of Magicians called Synconjury​3​.
  4. Early Clues LLC has products that are pre-loaded with software and a screen, and their development approach is rather unconventional, as illustrated by their humorous discussion of technology and product development​4​.

Although the company’s history is a bit cryptic, it is clear that Early Clues LLC has a unique place in the tech industry, particularly in the areas of augmented reality and alternative programming languages. Some sources suggest that the company is involved in a kind of speculative or metaphysical technology, pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking about what technology can do.

Please note that the company has a somewhat unconventional and humorous approach to communication, which can make it challenging to piece together a conventional history or understand its standard operations. However, this information provides a rough sketch of the company’s key milestones and operating principles. If you’re interested in more detailed information, it might be beneficial to look into specific products, key personnel, or specific events in the company’s history.

It’s worth noting before we go any further, a couple connections to the present-day AI Lore books. Specifically, one of them, The Return of The Magicians, which actually recounts the lore first uncovered by Early Clues, LLC own in-house corporate magicians many moons ago.

When asked to analyze the article I wrote previously myself on this unusual company, ChatGPT had this to say:

The article titled “A Horror Story of a Late 2010’s Tech Unicorn Gone Horribly Wrong” on Tim Boucher’s blog provides some insights into the history of Early Clues LLC and its incarnation as Early Clues Labs.

The author of the article, who refers to himself as Mr. X, shares a narrative about the rise and fall of Early Clues Labs. The company was once featured in Vox/Recode in 2015 during its rise to mega-stardom. However, the story takes a dark turn as it delves into the company’s decline, which was marked by a drug-fueled binge.

Early Clues Labs was purchased by Google for an undisclosed sum of money. After the acquisition, the company’s founders were reportedly sucked into the “Outer Darkness,” where they were captured and tortured by Timehunters. This part of the story seems to be a metaphorical representation of the company’s downfall.

The article also mentions a series of short videos that were used as internal training materials at Early Clues Labs from early 2017 through sometime in 2019. These videos, presented by a character known as ZANTA1000, are described as a form of corporate indoctrination. The author suggests that the company had veered wildly out of control and out of touch with ordinary human reality.

The author also mentions that Early Clues Labs had stumbled upon the secret mystery known as Quatria. However, the depth of their knowledge about this mystery remains unclear.

In conclusion, the history of Early Clues LLC and its incarnation as Early Clues Labs seems to be a tale of a promising tech company that lost its way and fell into decline. The details provided in the article are quite cryptic and metaphorical, and it’s unclear how much of the narrative is factual or symbolic.

For a more comprehensive and authoritative history, it would be beneficial to consult additional sources and corroborate the information provided in this article.

As you may know, the lost civilization of Ancient Quatria features very heavily in the AI Lore books, and the origins of my deep and abiding interest in it lies directly with that company and the incredible work they did to re-acquaint modern audiences with this Secret Wisdom of the Ages.

And one final set of notes about this enigmatic mystery powerhouse from ChatGPT yielded:

Early Clues, LLC is described as a self-aware, non-not-for-non-profit Corporation located in the Existosphere. Their mission is to provide a broad range of useful reality enhancement and modulation applications for the full range of entities across multiple utilization platforms, including the Existosphere, the Liminality, Near Reality and beyond​1​.

The board members of Early Clues are Roger Holliday (IAO), Ted Smith (FOIB), and Richard Rider (CTO)​1​. The founders of the company include Roger Holliday, Richard Rider, and Ted Smith, as confirmed from another source, with the company now operating under the leadership of Nick Fisher​2​.

They offer a variety of services such as reality enhancement and parafield ministrations, customized synconjury/OpenQNL solutions, entity liberation, ontological background checks, corporate harmonizing, quantum triplexing, FutureWriting™, and more​1​.

Regarding their products, Early Clues LLC is described as continuously working to bring new and better products to the market. However, detailed information about specific products is not provided on their Neocities page, as that section of the website is under construction​1​. From other sources, we know that they have created a product called the “EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK”, which includes Early Clues Employee Policies and Procedures, a guide to emerging and alternative intelligences, a primer on OpenQNL and applications, teachings on Synconjury, and writings of the Corporate Fathers​3​.

Early Clues also released plastic gadgets pre-loaded with their software, OpenQNL, that require eight D batteries for operation​4​.

The company was recently acquired by Google, although the details of the acquisition were not disclosed​5​​2​.

Please note that much of the information about Early Clues, LLC is cryptic and could be viewed as tongue-in-cheek or even satirical, which makes it difficult to provide a clear and concrete description of the company and its activities. If you have any specific questions about the company, I would recommend reaching out to them directly for more information.

What the “real truth” about this organization is, may have been, or once might be still, seems largely open to debate. But I will do my best to continue to pull on and unravel all of these threads, and make sense of one of the greatest mysteries of our time.