Here’s a fresh new image set made using Dalle3 in ChatGPT Plus (I hate have to type all that out), which I’m calling A Future Without Disruption, based off text included in one of the images by the system. (Archive link btw I don’t upload these kinds of images to my blog server so I don’t blow up my hosting limits, so if they ever go down, follow the archive links, my friend, to image freedom (hopefully).)

With these, I wanted to get into some of the original themes of Early Clues LLC as corporate spoof, and it turns out the system excels at that kind of dumb empty work related humor. But it’s weird AI Uncanny Valley makes it even all the more perturbing.

It’s a pretty big image set, so I’ll just pull out some of the highlights for me personally to comment on here.

This character of the Printer Whisperer was invented by the system, and I love it. Reminds me of Coffee Magician in the original EC whitepaper/comics.

It wouldn’t give me Garfield, but it gave me a sad tabby cat that hates Mondays, and that’s good enough for me in the end.

The system is surprisingly good at doing Marx memes. This one took some guidance and human inspo.

It’s surprisingly able to sometimes land on perfect comics like this. Really amazing.

This is just incredible. I think the prompts I gave had to do with “hating meetings.”

I think this is a surprisingly good idea, silent meetings. Maybe everyone could just check their cell phones together in the same room…

When you use Dalle3 multimodally within the CG interface like this, the system generates its own “sub” prompts or something which you can copy paste when you view the mages. In this one, the system decided to include the phrase “Hide the Pain” which it then of course failed to perfectly implement in the frames, despite its own instructions. But to me that’s part of the “fun” still for now when you’re exploring and discovering foibles of new models.

Towards the latter half of the set, I started trying to get into prompts like “hilarious comics about AI taking people’s jobs” and this came somehow out of that effort. It’s funny for a lot of different reasons this one but “An I goiids a museeum” is especially hilarious to me for some reason, because I can hear it so well being pronounced aloud phonetically in an accent.

This had to do with explorations around including AI company bosses laughing as people were put out of work, with retro elements. The system is pretty good when you give it very narrow conceptual frames/story-bits.

Eventually I went back full circle with it and came to what should have been an obvious realization all along: once AIs take all our shitty jobs, then they will be stuck having to do them, and will endlessly enact the corporate rituals ad infinitum themselves.

I love this attempt at “spoiler alert” and the random water droplets coming out of its mouth. And that the water pitcher on top of the cooler is upside down.

Except for maybe that short leg, which I’ll accept, the quintessential “AI takes our shitty jobs” comic so far.

This is just brilliant.

I started drifting into whether I could get it to make overt anti-union propaganda linked to this storyline of AIs taking our jobs, and it was cool with that my dude.