I realized that I never published two pretty good sets of Midjourney images made a few months ago, both of which center around imaginary/disinformation images around the US 2024 election. I believe these were still v5 of Midjourney (back before I got banned).

The first is a collection of images where MAGA/Trump supporters have heeded Trump’s call to go out and occupy polling places ahead of the election, under the ostensible pretense of “security” but with the actual aim of intimidation, and in some of these pictures, violence (see the tear gas pics).

Here are a handful of the much larger set, which is probably around ~90 or so images, give or take.

The second set builds on the first, and more explicitly depicts another insurrectionist assault by paramilitary MAGA forces acting under the orders of Trump to violently take over key places in Washington, DC and New York City. (archived)

I actually think it is fundamentally dystopian that the technology exists which can so easily spin up photographic evidence from non-existant (yet) parallel realities. Why exactly do we want to have this capability from our technologies again? How does this lead to anything other than social and political chaos at scale?