It only seems fitting that the tale of what is Early Clues, LLC can only be told through the convoluted ramblings of unhinged AIs

This one by Perplexity:

Early Clues, LLC is a company that operates at the intersection of technology, philosophy, and other fields. It is described as a unique and somewhat enigmatic company. Here are some key points about Early Clues, LLC:

  • Mission: The mission of Early Clues, LLC is to provide a broad range of services.
  • Employee Handbook: Early Clues, LLC has an employee handbook that serves as a corporate on-boarding document.
  • Acquisition: In 2015, Google announced that it had acquired Early Clues, LLC, although the details of the acquisition were undisclosed.
  • Online Presence: Early Clues, LLC has a website, a presence on Medium, and its employee handbook is available on platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

While the exact nature and scope of Early Clues, LLC’s activities may not be fully clear, it appears to be an organization involved in various fields and has caught attention for its unique approach.

Via one of the recommended searches: what is the philosophy behind Early Clues LLC:

There is no clear information on the philosophy behind Early Clues LLC. However, based on the available search results, we can infer that Early Clues LLC is a company that provides a range of applications and services. Their mission is to provide useful reality enhancement and modulation applications for a broad range of entities1. They have an employee handbook that outlines their HR policies2. Early Clues Labs is also mentioned in one of the search results, but it is unclear what their relationship is to Early Clues LLC3. It is worth noting that some of the search results are not related to Early Clues LLC, such as a Supreme Court case and a worksheet on anger management45.

This is a partial based on a rec at bottom about “company culture”:

Additionally, there is a mention of an employee handbook for Early Clues LLC, which outlines their HR policies3. This indicates that the company likely has established guidelines and procedures in place for its employees.

The fun part is that there are an infinite amount of somewhat plausible follow-up questions you can follow regarding the many interesting “practices” at Early Clues LLC, etc. Then Perplexity just fills in whatever the query is with general information about that topic…