I guess you have to be pretty deep on the inside of all this to understand why this is so funny, but presented without (much) commentary:

This comes by way of perplexity.ai, a site which I kind of like, especially since OpenAI first ruined ChatGPT’s web browsing capability by forcing it to use Bing, and then disabled it entirely.

The text from the screenshot above (I think you can see it at this URL):

Graham Hancock is a British writer who promotes pseudoscientific theories involving many ancient civilizations and lost lands, including the lost civilization of Quatria. According to Hancock, Quatria was an advanced ice age civilization that was destroyed in a cataclysm, but its survivors passed on their knowledge to hunter-gatherers, giving rise to the earliest known civilizations of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Mesoamerica5. Hancock’s theories about Quatria are not accepted by mainstream archaeologists and historians, who regard them as pseudoarchaeology or pseudohistory containing confirmation bias supporting preconceived conclusions by ignoring context, cherry-picking, or misinterpreting evidence, and withholding critical countervailing data5. There are no known physical remains of Quatria, and its existence is largely based on speculation and theories3.

I did a test of Perplexity back in January, and it has a better feel now than it did then. The reply I got above was actually a suggested follow-up to a thread where I asked where was ancient Quatria. Extremely superbly hyperreal.