Continuing in the train of 80s retro cartoon ads by Dalle3 & me, another in the long line of spin-offs from the Cricket Milk jag, comes EXPLODING GIFT! (Archived version)

Exploding gift is an exciting “gag” gift that both children and adults of all ages will love. It is a box of excitement and mystery – and explosions!

Dalle3 did a great job rendering this in the vintage retro 80s cartoon ad style that I have been enjoying. Some highlights below, and larger set at links above.

Again, love the taglines the system comes up with for these images: “The blast of fun every kid wants!”

Exploding Gift – medieval edition!

I think this one came when I was trying to get the system to make the expressions more ambivalent, more simultaneously fearful and excited…

Not for unwrapp the frint-hearted, for sure!