Will you be the first to read them? There are some incredible gems in this list of AI Lore books no one has purchased yet – including probably some of the best of both human and AI-generated text out of all of them (I won’t cloud your judgement by telling you which ones I think they are). Discoveries waiting to be had and woven together into the rest of the narrative universe. It’s amazing to me that each person who comes into this set will have such a different experience of all these stories. It’s part of what I love about this structural experiment that I am doing.

Also what’s amazing is that out of 115 volumes, there are so few books on this list!

  1. Das Machina
  2. Inside the Council
  3. Mysterious UFOs
  4. Mysterious Hum
  5. The Multiverse Scheme
  6. The Great AI Theft
  7. The Survivors
  8. Mysterious Thunderbird
  9. Wild Imagination
  10. The Gestalt Minds
  11. The Gamarcagon
  12. The AI Virus
  13. The Artilect
  14. The Dissolving Factory
  15. The Second Octave
  16. The Return of the Magicians
  17. Shadows of Evil
  18. Daughters of the Hegemon
  19. Inside the Imagination Ladder
  20. Drone Flu
  21. Tales of Shelvin Parz
  22. The Exempt

That means at least one person has purchased all of the other 93 illustrated mini-novels in this series. Incredible! Thanks all.