More classic 80s nostalgia from the makers of NEW CRICKET MILK (whose image set we have not posted yet, because it’s a doozy!). Two other ill-fated beverages which failed to make a splash in the market, Snail Juice and Bat Milk. Did you drink these as a kid? I know I sure did! Oh, the memories… (Archived full image set)

Here are the highlights, follow the links above for more.

What’s not to love about this picture. The snail is so charming.

When the text works, I’m always very pleasantly surprised by the marketing taglines that get thrown in, like this one, “A Garden in Every Sip!”

I’d originally intended for the “juice” to be snail slime, and this is maybe the one that speaks most directly to that, which I appreciate.

Again, “Unleash Night’s Energy!!” is an excellent tag line.

Great tagline, but I’m especially surprised and impressed that Dalle3 opted to include milk squirting out of the breast of one of the bats into the held-out cup of a spelunker. I didn’t ask for any of those details, and I love them. As do I love the third leg on the guy at left.

I like the looks of this party!