I’m trying to use Dalle3 to finish up images to possibly use in a French print edition of The Quatria Conspiracy. And I keep getting rate limited. I got kicked off Midjourney for pointing out that their system puts naked breasts on everyone when you don’t ask for them (and if you do ask for them, it won’t). Firefly is okay, but has its own host of annoying limitations. I’d like to try Stable Diffusion 3 in DiffusionBee, but it’s not out yet…

It’s frustrating that we’re supposed to believe that generative AI is so amazing and such a game changer, and we should pay all this money for access to it as users. And at the same time, there’s simply no “super-deluxe” option available for power user artists to just… you know… make art? Without having the fucking tool constantly stand in my way?

I know, it’s a crazy idea: just make a good product. Make things that do what the user asks, within reasonable limits of legality, sure. But let’s not design the systems to be more restrictive than they need to be, just to protect the precious PR “fee-fees” of thin-skinned companies unwilling to own up to the (very interesting) monsters they have unleashed on the world.

I’m tired of it all. AI art won’t reach its full flowering until we as artists have better tools at our disposal.