This is a spin-off of a spin-off. First spun off from Cricket Milk, Now In Schools! Where there was the primary spin-off where I was trying to get the system to produce images of Jesus enjoying cricket milk, and it refused. So instead, I was just like “white dude with long hair and beard, flowing robes” and then there was no issue.

But there remain issues around uploading those images, no doubt because Imgur is censoring me for my political views (/s), so I’m fragmenting the collections smaller and smaller in the hopes of passing through the pearly gates of memedom with my soul intact.

Anyway, so the system started getting into images where the figure I will call “God Dude” (because he doesn’t always look like conventional images of Jesus, per se) – a.k.a. Beek Stardusto (short for Beefcake Stardusto, which is what my brain always unscrambles the AI-ese letters in the panel where that name was lifted from, which is not yet uploaded in this set) – was under the sea, and in one conducting some kind of orchestra of mermaids or something. So I pushed him in that direction, and he ended up looking very like Neptune or Triton or some such mythological figure. God dude under the sea. (Archived)

Highlights here, full set at links.