I’m trying out Gumroad’s new option to sell bundles of products together, and am offering for sale at a discounted price a collection of books set in the “Topia” sub-universe of the larger AI Lore books series.

You can pick up the bundle here.

Regular value for the included titles is ~$13 (USD) and this is on sale for ~$8.

Only 10 sets will be sold.

The main books included are three of my best, I think:

Conspiratopia is 100% human-written, fwiw. And it shows the descent of a young man into a manipulative dystopian scheme where AIs are covertly taking over the world, one mind at a time. It’s the book that inspired the rest of the AI Lore books, in effect. Anxietopia and Relaxatopia are probably more like 65% human-written, plus or minus, and they pick up on this tale, but significantly distorting it in strange new directions. Conspiratopia is not illustrated, but the others are. Incidentally, Relaxatopia is the book that got me BANNED FROM MIDJOURNEY. Oooh, controversial!

As a bonus, the collection also includes The Death Machines, which takes place in this Topia world, but is very different stylistically than the others. It also includes the free sampler Postcards from Dystopia to get readers acquainted with other nearby neighborhoods in this multiverse.