Following on that theme, I’ve still been loving these WW2 style propaganda posters that Dalle3 is able to do, and of course the irony of using the machine to make anti-machine propaganda. Here’s a new set of images on the themes of overthrowing AI, resisting the “digital grip,” reclaiming your mind from “the machine,” and utopian “Life Without A.I.”

There’s something so precious about the juxtaposition of the old-timey style propaganda with themes of resisting AI authoritarian control. It feels so right, and Dalle’s visual treatment really shines in this kind of task.

Just to pick a few of my favorites out of the set:

That one’s incredible.

Everything about that picture is amazing, from the bats in the corner, to what you see in the lurid window. Love it. Here’s one last one for the road:

Check out the full set.