Following on the heels of my last post about why not engage *all* public libraries to build a public AI, I took the idea and some other bits that have been floating in my headspace and had old CG whip up a quick fake news article supporting the concept:

“LEL Unveils ‘Aletheia’: The Dawn of a New Era in Knowledge Sharing”

In a historic move for the democratization of information, the League of Earth Libraries (LEL) has launched ‘Aletheia’, an advanced open-access AI designed to provide the public with unfettered access to the sum of human knowledge. Named after the Greek goddess of truth, Aletheia represents a significant milestone in the global effort to ensure that education and information are free and available to all.

Aletheia, a powerful artificial intelligence, has been engineered to curate, organize, and disseminate an expansive range of data and scholarly work. From ancient texts to cutting-edge scientific research, Aletheia grants real-time access to a vast digital repository without the traditional barriers of paywalls or subscriptions.

The League of Earth Libraries, a coalition formed by academic institutions, public libraries, and non-profit organizations worldwide, has worked tirelessly to establish a platform that is both user-friendly and expansive in scope. With a mission to “unlock the potential of human collaboration,” the LEL has emphasized that Aletheia is more than just a tool for study and research; it is a catalyst for innovation and a foundation for building a more informed society.

Critics of the proprietary nature of knowledge distribution have lauded the release of Aletheia. The AI’s deployment aligns with increasing calls for transparency and equity in the realm of information technology. By prioritizing the public good over private profit, Aletheia is set to reshape the landscape of learning and information exchange.

As Aletheia becomes integrated into educational systems, research facilities, and homes around the world, the LEL hopes to bridge the information divide and empower individuals with the freedom to learn, explore, and create. With this unprecedented access to knowledge, the possibilities for global progress and understanding are boundless.

Don’t really like the name Alethia, but letting it stand in this v1. We also landed on the name Continuum Codex, which I rather like for its sci-fi qualities.

The thing I’ve realized about “actual reality” is that outside of things which you can physically get your hands on, manipulate, and modify, the rest of it changes awfully slowly. Often impercetibly so. So I’ve been thinking, apart from these things that are specifically outside the ‘sphere of the moral purpose’ (or manual purpose, as implied above), why not just… give up? Let go of “actual reality” and all its stupid foibles and inability to change. Why not just put the pedal to the floor on the fictional narratives, and let those become the high-speed open playground that I really need, instead of moaning about how xyz aren’t doing it right? Fuck reality. We’ll make our own. Let everyone else try and keep up.