(As promised)

I am pleased to announce I have just returned from [very|extremely important] [event|conference|mountain summit] where I spoke with [world leaders|robotoid replicants|fellow thinkfluencers|god-himself] on the importance of [AI|human|worker] [safety|complaining|ignoring issues & moving forward at all costs] and it went very very very [well|awesomely|horribly terribly badly] and we are [excited|lukewarm|completely put off] by the possibility of opening up future [summits|timeshare demos|jail time] to “regular people” from “all walks of life.”

My representative from the LEL assures me that the Continuity Codex project is all systems go. And that I will be summoned bodily to the next Plenary Session where the College of Bards will begin preparations for the Opening Invocation of the Inauguration of the Universal Library. I am excited by this amazing opportunity which we all hope will become another step in the infinite Strophariad across all worlds.