A reader wrote in with this commentary today regarding my AI “books,” and they gave me permission to publish it here on my blog.

To whom it will most likely not concern,

As you so innocently published the following quote, I thought I’d mention a simple truth, within, uttered unconsciously.

“Sufferers will be rounded up and sent to treatment facilities, where they will be forced to “relax” and while away the hours in pointless pursuits fueled by hallucinogenic drugs. Is this the utopia promised by the AIs.”

In caving to the use of AI, thus freely ceding creative conception to a machine, you’ve blindly chosen to birth these self-same, so-called hallucinogenic drugs, and are to blame for leading us, however mindlessly notwithstanding, to the aforementioned “utopia”.

You’ve ushered in the era of reading as a pointless pursuit, where once it offered a modicum of meditative potential.

How many things, did you ever stop to wonder, actually make us distinct in this world? Language, and writing, was our greatest invention. You and everyone out there leaning on the crutch of AI to make up for your lack of creativity, your discontent at an inability to churn out material at as fast a rate as you’d hope … you shoulder the blame. Shame on you.

The quote they are referencing is from the marketing copy for Relaxatopia, which I think it’s safe to assume they didn’t actually read. I do admire people who take the time put down their thoughts and send it out as hate-mail to strangers though. That much at least I can relate to.

This person asked me not to write back to them on the grounds they have nothing more to say. I find that improbable at best, given the above, but will respect their wishes by not going on and on here. I did however use AI to help me make this accompanying illustration, because I don’t have a single creative bone in my body myself.