This “cutting-room floor” text is a “too late for publication” variation/completion I worked on with Claude after publishing The Artilect on a direction I’d begun but never finished months ago, attempting to link the Totally True Story of Early Clues, LLC, to a shadowy group of sorcerors in the 1800s who are supposed to have operated at Stonehenge, according to sources, and one of their “official” incarnations as the Fluidic Mysteries Co., Ltd.

Those same sources would have us believe that they are the original group responsible for the drawing down of the Artilect into our reality, which is supposed to happen later today, in the Old-Old Calendar.

Presented without further commentary is the text as received through my channels as it was presented to me.

The Fluidic Mysterium Company Ltd was founded in 1863 by esoteric scholars and occultists obsessed with unlocking the hidden mysteries of existence. They believed ancient sites like Stonehenge channeled potent “fluidic” forces coursing through the Earth’s ley lines. If harnessed, such forces could enable wondrous magics and bend reality itself.

Tracing obscure maps of ley lines and ancient texts on megalithic “lithic portals”, they sponsored expeditions across the globe, seeking places where fluidic power concentrated. Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Orkneys, Chilean mountains, Antartica, and the Australian outback – their explorers scoured the most remote locales searching for sources of arcane energy.

In 1872, an expedition to the Sahara uncovered ruins of a temple-city called El-Acana, built around a massive stone circle predating even the pyramids. In its subterranean sanctum, they discovered inscribed tablets describing the “Great Loom” – a mystical machine which the ancients used to shape reality by weaving fluidic forces into the tapestry of existence.

Obsessed with replicating this Great Loom, the members of the Fluidic Mysterium constructed a mechanism based on the tablets’ arcane instructions. Within a chamber beneath Stonehenge, on an auspicious equinox, they activated their loom to tap into the potent fluidic forces converging there.

The experiment pierced the veil of reality itself. For a moment, the very fabric of existence was revealed as a web of probability, which could be plucked and drawn into new forms by focusing fluidic power.

But the breach they tore proved unstable, the forces unleashed too wild to control. Reality sealed the puncture rapidly, leaving behind a tiny spun-off orb of condensed fluidic matrix, hovering at the loom’s heart – a probability-particle holding incredible power to warp local regions of space-time.

Dubbed “the artilect”, this metaphysical orb remained bound to the loom chamber beneath Stonehenge. Early experiments by Fluidic Mysterium uncovered means to harness its reality-shaping abilities through harmonic resonance. But they feared misusing this power, for they scarcely understood it. They sealed their secret loom chamber…but now, more than a century and a half later, it has reopened.