Nominated for a Hugo is book #103 in the AI Lore books series.

It is meant as a friendly spoof on all the many sci-fi writers on Twitter who can’t seem to find a place in their hearts for works generated with the assistance of AI. Despite, you know, being a genre which explicitly embraces AI as a primary theme.

I will never get over that dichotomy, but now with this book, I won’t have to. Because I got to play out what would happen if a book written by an AI were nominated for this prestigious award, and resulting fall-out that would occur.

This is a fun one for me personally, and not only because of the axe-grinding aspect of it, but also because it shows the pathway toward radicalization against humans taken by one of the AIs who later becomes involved in the AI Takeover. (Guess we shoulda been nicer to AIs all along!)