Call me crazy but…

There’s another downside: Once people grow accustomed to fake AI-generated videos, they’ll become even more hardened, cynical, and harder to reach and convince—for politicians, admakers, journalists, everyone.


…I don’t think that’s a downside?

They also quote someone as saying:

With AI technology becoming more common in our lives, voter skepticism will only continue to grow. 

::Clutches pearls::

Gasp! We wouldn’t want voters to be skeptical! Won’t someone think of the poor politicians and admakers who will need to work harder??

Not to grind an axe here, I’m just completely tapped out on hearing these arguments suggesting that skepticism and not being easily convinced are bad things, especially among voters. To me this is such absolute crazy talk, because of just how fucked up things are in the world right now; everyone should damn well better be skeptical af of basically just about everything. We should challenge it, we should question it, we should not accept being easily convinced. We should seek proof. This is the Way.