Finished two new AI lore books in the last few days. These are books #94 and #95, respectively:

Both books are kind of for me “pocket universes” in that while they contain references to some of the recurring mythos of Quatria, etc. they are also fairly self-contained, and deal with entities which inhabit a specific sort of subdomain of greater reality…

Dwellers in Sandcastles, as you might have guessed, is about entities which inhabit sandcastle, and uses Anthropic’s Claude and Midjourney v5 to imagine slices of what their lives might be like.

Subnivium is a scientific term for the ecosystem and conditions which exist beneath the snowpack in winter. The real version of this is pretty wild, and with the snow melts up here, it’s plain to see where there was rodent activity in the fields and lawn while the King of the Subnivium ruled. Fortunately, with Springtime, his tyranny is ending (slowly), until he rises again in a few all to short months.

My book extends these ideas further in a fictional setting and explores slices of life of some of the creatures (real and imagined) which inhabit this under-realm. I’d put this book into the anthropomorphic tales of things like Wind in the Willows, or even Watership Down, etc. Though it is certainly not as developed or well-done as either of those classics. Still, it’s a foot in the door of carving out this fictional realm, which I can always go back to now in the future – never mind share with others.