I’m loving the Bing image creator’s output quality (some people are claiming it uses the new Dall-E experimental update, but I have not yet confirmed that with a solid source).

Sadly the “boosts” system is a swing and a miss. Mainly because once you use your ten free generations, you can only get more by being forced to use Microsoft products (search, Edge, etc.). You have to earn 500 points in “Microsoft Rewards” to get five more boosts (which equal image generations, with 4 outputs per generation).

You. Can’t. Just. Buy. Credits.

Um, what? Look I’m an adult. I can just give you money for the service. I don’t want to jump through your stupid hoops & earn rewards for things I don’t care about. My “reward” as a user should simply be: I use the thing & the thing does what I asked &/or paid for.

Look, against my better judgement I actually did download and install Edge. And I found that shit to be even more annoying than expected (and I had low low expectations), and instantly uninstalled it. Only thing is, uninstallation was so complicated on a Mac that I had to download *ANOTHER* application just to thoroughly delete all that garbage.

And for whatever reason, I can’t even seem to use Bing Chat at all without using Edge. F that.

This is starting to feel less and less like Microsoft finally got with (or ahead of) the times, and more and more like they just want to cram me as a user into their pie-hole. I don’t like it. It feels gross and manipulative and dystopian, and like something ripped straight out of Conspiratopia.

But those images look awesome!