The Jellyfish War is book #101 in the AI Lore books series. It was an accidental offshoot of another side project, which it is not yet time to reveal publicly.

Mainly, it was based on the discovery that pictures of jellyfish in NYC looked really frickin’ cool, and that I wanted to see more of them. It wasn’t long before a story concept unfolded, explaining the how and why that jellyfish had come to inhabit New York along with everyone else – namely that there was a massive invasion – and they won. And NYC was determined for whatever reason to be the place where the new human + jelly society would be pioneered.

Images are all Midjourney. Text started in an old tool I coded, running text-davinci-003 from OpenAI, which I eventually dumped into Claude to clean up and smooth out the tone, plus generate a few flash fiction pieces set in this world to round out all the world-building.

Here’s the art preview:

This book pairs especially well with Celestial Cephalopods, as they deal in a somewhat similar sort of parallel reality oceanic fantasy.