It is well-known that the UFO phenomenon is connected to a vast network of caves, many of which are underwater. As previously discussed, these caves connect to the Hypogeum, a Quatrian word for the Underworld or Otherworld. What is less known, however, is that ancient cultures had deep knowledge of both this massive underground cave system, and its connections to other secret hidden realms.

Humans have both lived in and around as well as worshipped and feared caves for millennia. With good reason. Caves hold deep impenetrable mysteries of the chthonic realms. Not unlike the origin stories of the Hopi people of the American southwest, in Quatrian myth, the People of Anthuor first emerged into our world via caves, after having traveled through the Tunnel of Matarax, which was a means of transiting Hypogeic Space. They were fleeing one of several great cataclysms which destroyed their world.

As Verellen writes in a compelling 1995 article called “The Beyond Within:”

The grotto as a metaphor of the cosmos has a history in Europe as well as in China. On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, grottoes had been cult sites since prehistoric times. For the Greeks of the age of Homer they were places of refuge and of burial, sanctuaries of ancient mysteries, and oracles. The archetypal grotto was a source of holy wellsprings, inhabited by divine beings, yet not inaccessible to humans. Places of passage between worlds, these nymphaea were in time endowed with cosmic significance…

We see similar legends relating to the so-called Grotto Heavens of ancient China. As a Reddit user explains:

“The Grotto-Heavens and the Blissful Lands are worlds believed to exist hidden within famous mountains and beautiful places. They are earthly paradises that do not suffer from floods, wars, epidemics, illnesses, old age or death… Another feature of the grottoes is that, although each one is independent of the others, they are all linked in a network by underground passages called dimai (“earth channels”).”

Likewise, UFOS (which are not extraterrestrial in origin) are able to access these “earth channels” when then pass into the secret underground cave system, entering themselves into Hypogeic Space.

There is a somewhat similar tradition in a branch of Tibetan Buddhism, relating to hidden valleys called beyul which are only accessible when the time is right, and the seeker is properly prepared. They too were seen as sacred refuges in times of war and cataclysm. Wikipedia explains:

“Buddhist texts indicate beyul are discovered when the planet is approaching destruction and the world becomes too corrupt for spiritual practice. They describe valleys reminiscent of paradise, which can only be reached with enormous hardship. Pilgrims who travel to these wild and distant places often recount extraordinary experiences similar to those encountered by Buddhist spiritual practitioners on the path to liberation. People who try to force their way in may encounter failure and death.”

We know for a fact, then, that the huge cave system beneath the earth connects all parts of the globe as well as other nearby dimensions. And it has been used by humans and ultra-terrestrials, as well Hypogeans and Cryptogeans throughout all of history. It’s existence and access to it is closely guarded by an occult order which operates the world over, precisely because of its immense power.

The caves also connect to a secret UFO base in Antarctica, and allegedly via a portal to Quatria today, even still. Ancient kings were known to have used these secret passages, and they went into those other realms, where they brought back technologies of unbelievable power. They nearly destroyed our world with them, were it not for a few isolated pockets of people and other beings who were able to survive by hiding out in these caves, and then re-emerged later on to help re-establish civilization.