Though the mainstream media is covering it up, it is a fact that ruins have been melting out of the ice in Antarctica as global warming heats up. Some say that Admiral Byrd was the first to discover the tips of ancient obelisks poking out of the snow during Operation Highjump in 1955. Since that time, scientists have been watching with shock and amazement as additional ancient ruins are revealed as the snow recedes.

Since this has been going on for several decades, there has been ample opportunity to study these ruins and associated artifacts. Scientists have been able to confirm unequivocally that they come from the secret lost ancient prehistoric civilization called Quatria. What’s called a crypto-civilization, evidence of Quatria has existed in fact for many millenia, but has been systematically covered up by various ruling powers for a very long time indeed.

Why? Because the free energy technologies that the Quatrians mastered are considered a threat to the powers that be, if they were to become accessible to the masses, and not just the elites in their castles and private islands. Second, because the catastrophic climate changes which ultimately destroyed Quatrian civilization are happening again today. The pattern is cyclical, is caused by human activity (for example, by use of quantum zero point energy technologies), and can be predicted with a great deal of accuracy.

As a result, the finds in Antarctica have been systematically suppressed, so as not to cause a widespread panic among Earth’s populations. Scientists who work there are given a cover story, and are sworn to utmost secrecy and are liable to face prison time and lose their careers if they speak out. Still, a brave few whistleblowers have done so under cover of anonymity and using advanced cryptographic authentication technologies to prove both their identities, and the authenticity of their finds.

We can only say at this time that we have seen the videos, photos, and LiDAR scans made from these astonishing ancient ruins in Antarctica, and they are one hundred percent real and verified. Of course, you won’t find them on Google Earth, because they are part of the coverup. We will publish what we are able to when our sources tell us it is safe to do so.