In May 2020, scientists announced with much fanfare that a strange parallel universe where time flows backwards had been uncovered in Antarctica. No one dared to name it what it was: Quatria. A few days later, the Algorithm took over, and any mention of this momentous discovery was quickly erased, covered up, or “debunked” by official sources, who unleashed their armies of AI trolls on social media to ridicule people who were getting too close to the truth.

What the heck happened? Scientists had been looking for so-called “ghost particles” and they found them in abundance near the South Pole. The only problem was, it was at a restricted access site, which was above top secret rated. Why? Because it was also near to one of the locations where ruins from Ancient Quatria have been melting out of the ice. And no one is allowed to talk about these in the media.

So how did this story leak out in the first place? we’ve alluded elsewhere in this volume to a faction of malcontents, scientists who are Quatria Truthers, and who are putting their lives and careers on the line to get news out about what’s really going on in Antarctica. They smuggled the story out in a trash container from one of the secret labs, and sent it to the media, who only too happily reported on it. We can’t say more than that about the source, without putting them in greater danger than they already are. But we all owe them a great deal for this incredible act of heroism.

What we can say, however, is that via the network of secret UFO caves, which connect to the underground base in Antarctica, there is a passageway all the way to the CERN time machine in Switzerland. These two sites, along with every other secret occult site on the planet are connected by these caves, along with several other planets. These tunnels don’t just pass through physical space, they also pass through Hypogeic space. This is reflected in the tale of the Tunnel of Matarax in Quatrian mythology, which is believed to reflect one of the remaining Iconian Gateways between Mars and Earth.

As it is written in the legends of this incredible lost culture:

“The People of Anthuor traveled from the Third Space to the Fourth Space by descending into Matarax’s tunnel, climbing down, and emerging into the Sky. From there, they lived for a time in a land of mythical “cloud sailors” called Magino or Majona, eventually tiring of moving with the wind and moving to the land below.”

Others have opined, and quite correctly, that the cause of the original Cataclysms which ultimately destroyed Quatria, and severed it from our reality many aeons ago had to do with similar experiments and explorations as to those happening at CERN. While CERN’s research has been remarkable, it is really nothing new. Quatrians were at a much more advanced state of technological development many millions of years ago. They used powerful sentient crystals, recombinant harmonics, cymatics, and matter-wave technologies to manipulate the very existence of reality itself, or as scientists today are apt to call it: the preality matrix and event-ladders underlying our temporal-spatial manifold.

For all their wisdom, the Quatrians too suffered from hubris, and they delved too deep, cracking open the Ninety-Ninth Seal which legend has it that Anthuor himself scratched upon the Bridge Between The Worlds. During the decay of their Empire, reality itself was said to have crumbled as a result. Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed. They didn’t call it this, but what is described in their legends is something very akin to what we might call the Mandela Effect today. Except instead of movies and books being changed, entities in the physical world would mysteriously disappear or reappear. Including literal mountains, lakes, rivers, continents, and even humans and other living beings. This was one of the signals that their world had become unglued, and was being sucked back into the vortex of the Hypogeum in the time-reversal event which ultimately lead to that world becoming instead a parallel dimension to ours, but where time runs backward.