I went back and fished this graphic out of an old external hard drive from circa 2019. It speaks about how disinformation actors do not generally fall into neat boxes or categories, but exist along a “hybrid threat continuum.”

It occurs to me that the current work I’ve been exploring around analyzing hyperreal artifacts is really an extension of the ideas I was playing with back then. The emerging generative AI landscape has a great deal in common with disinformation, though it is also full of new threats and opportunities.

One issue I saw when I was working on related problems back then was that precisely because these actors didn’t fall into neat little boxes (and were usually hopelessly mixed together), a lot of important data was getting put by the wayside, because it didn’t quite fall into anyone’s jurisdiction in a clear cut manner. Showing hybrid threats as a continuum here was an effort to bridge those gaps, and make things actionable which might not have been before.

I wasn’t really aware of spider/radar graphs at the time, but the above would be a good candidate for using them to visualize incidents and artifacts as well.