Kjembo Bandwidth lifted his visor.

“Tough break, kid. Good game though.”

I know what it’s like out there, he added subliminally.

The signal was not supposed to be picked up by UnderNet but the system still knew that some ether was likely being exchanged somewhere in the background of the transaction. It’s decryption algorithm was not yet sophisticated enough to discern where in juris.cloud the trades were occurring.

It didn’t matter, ultimately. The moment was over and unnecessary data points were already being dumped to the stream.

Kjembo lowered his visor and hovered forward in computational space. His perceptorium tingled. He turned around, thinking in public pictures…

You again?

The transaction tingled into the darkness as an identity-query: the little face icon followed by a question mark. Non-humanoids found the encoding of the symbicon string to be “racist” but the ITRRL 2600:1 Definition Engine Steering Committee had not yet issued a ruling on the ticket, and so affiliated domains were still operating under what some were calling colonial cascading inherited rulesets.

A waving [Palm Tree].onA(tropical-beach) twittered in the air for a second and disappeared.

Kjembo laughed.

Let’s go.