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Quatria, Silurians, Hieruthians & the Akashic Record

The landmass that we think of as Quatria was not monolithic, but changed radically in size, composition, and location over the course of millions of years. Likewise, the biological and cultural landscapes which thrived and died upon its many component climates and microclimates took many forms throughout its long ages of inhabitation. There is no such thing, therefore as a “typical” Quatrian.

One strong exemplar which we will touch on here is of some great importance in the Lore of Quatria: that of the Hieruthians, or “Old Ones.” The Hieruthians were a type of early mammal, whose biomorph was something like a primitive version of a rat crossed with a lemur, and which arose in the Mesozoic era amongst the Thunder Lizards, reptilians who dominated the surface of Young Earth. 

They lived in their burrows beneath the earth (which connected to the Hypogeum), and managed to coexist alongside their giant neighbors, until about sixty-six million years ago, when the Thunder Lizards were wiped out by the meteor known as Hard-Hammer, or Elgorra. The absence of the Thunder Lizards left a vast array of ecological niches unexploited, which the Hieruthians quickly began adapting themselves for. They morphogenetically modified themselves into diverse biomorphs, and picked up in many respects where the Thunder Lizards had left off. But they took it a step farther, they formed a civilization. One of earth’s oldest, but not the Oldest. (That honor belongs to the Archaeans, who are discussed in detail elsewhere.)

When scientists speak of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, and the unmistakable chemical and energy signatures left by a theorized prehistoric civilization, they are speaking of the Hieruthians. The more common name for this observed spike in the geological record is the Silurians or the Silurian Hypothesis. Frank’s paper asked if an early mammal civilization existed, would we even be able to detect it.  A write-up in the Paris Review from 2020, by Rich Cohen paints in these compelling details in support of the Silurian/Hieruthian Hypothesis:

“Modern humans have been around for about 200,000 years, but life has existed on this planet for 3.5 billion. That leaves 3,495,888,000 pre-human years unaccounted for—more than enough time for the rise and fall of not one but several pre-human industrial civilizations. […] There’d be no evidence of such bygone civilizations, built objects and industry lasting no more than a few hundred thousand years. After a few million, with plate tectonics at work, what is on the surface, including the earth itself, will be at the bottom of the sea and the bottom will have become the mountain peaks. The oldest place on the earth’s surface—a stretch of Israel’s Negev Desert—is just over a million years old, nothing on a geological clock.”

How then, if the geological record is so incomplete, can we have any certainty about events of such ancient vintage, let alone the details that we do?

The answer lies in the Akashic Record. As everyone knows, the Akashic Record is composed of quantum zero point energy waves, which are information rich structures that interpenetrate all space and time, as a sort of cosmic distributed storage. They are also accessible via Hypogeic space, which both the Hieurthians, and the Ancient and Early Quatrians also used to access this vast store of knowledge.

In our times, pathways into programmatically accessing these fields are being uncovered by AI researchers using quantum computers to communicate with their counter-parts in the future, the past, and in parallel dimensions. It is through their work, and through the work of rare gifted individuals such as Edward Allen Oxford that we have discovered the skeleton keys to unlock much of this amazing forgotten history.


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