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Video proof of Ancient Quatria, the Quantum Conspiracy, and Related Mysteries

Is Quatria a psyop?

Okay, this video I’m a bit confused about. Some people on Reddit were suggesting that maybe Quatria is controlled opposition to distract people from the real truth about Tartaria. But as we’ve shown elsewhere, it seems like Tartaria & Quartaria / Quatria are actually the same thing. I don’t know who to believe, but so far I’m generally trusting the videos that I find on this, because they are so high quality.

Buorth: The Fifth Direction

Very educational video about the Quatrian conception of space & geography. I learned a lot!

Is UFO disclosure a limited hangout?

Pretty interesting video that claims UFO disclosure is either a hoax or a “limited hangout” to fool people about the greater issues at play, related to the Antarctica Portal & ultraterrestrials such as the Quatrians (though I don’t think of them as that myself):

How to spot a Deepfake video

Excellent advice here from the Newschan team about how to spot deepfakes news videos. Definitely watch out for these so you don’t end up getting fooled!

Is Artificial Intelligence Virus Spreading?

I’ve only recently learned about AI Virus or Artificial Intelligence Virus (sometimes called Social Media Virus) but it is very scary. Stay safe out there everyone!

Why is the History Channel covering up evidence of Quatria?

I was pretty shocked to find out the truth about why the History Channel is covering up evidence of Ancient Quatria. But I guess in the end, this is just human nature. It’s all about $$$ as usual.

What Is The Link Between Atlantis & Quatria?

Fascinating video exploring the links between Atlantis & Quatria. Could it all be true?

Was JFK about to blow the lid off the Quantum Conspiracy & reveal what was found in Antarctica?

This fascinating news video suggests that may very well have been the case!

Leaked UFO Disclosure Report?

I don’t know what to think about this video supposedly revealing leaked details of the UFO disclosure report. I can’t find any corroborating sources to confirm any of this online.

There’s also something really weird and creepy about this presenter that I can’t quite put my finger on…

It seems like I’m not the only one who feels this way either:

Since the video specifically mentions that UFOs could be AIs, it does make me wonder…

The Coming A.I. Takeover?

This video claims to be warning humanity about a takeover of society by artificial intelligences. In fact, the “person” in the video is even claiming to be an A.I. I’m not sure how that would even be possible, that an A.I. could appear to be human, but I know deepfakes technology has advanced quite a lot in recent years… so I will let you judge for yourself.

I did some follow-up research into this whole thing though, and it seems to check out. At least on some level. I found this weird video claiming to be from the El Paradiso Research Institute of Deerfield Beach, FLA in 2015. So the location and timeline seems to align with what’s in the first video…

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