By necessity, the hyperreal is unbounded by linear time. The Hyperreal Eye, signified by the Gimgle Gloam, is a roving eye whose circumference is everywhere, and center is nowhere. Or do I have that in reverse? Whose radius is everywhere, and diameter is nowhere…

No matter, for time is just another measure of proximity, another path to bound down or back up at will, as in the world of the Corporeal AIs (2019)

His players were not exclusively human, nor exclusively A.I.s either. So his work had to be a hybrid affair, accessible to the advantages and disadvantages of each cohort. There were many paths through his gardens, and he had thought them through and then seen them played through countless times backwards and forwards (A.I.s tended not to respect human corporeal time directional sensitivities in wholly or mostly virtual spaces).

High Vagabond Rodeo