Put the finishing touches on this post today about the 1977 cult classic, Shadows of Sesamia, a dystopian sci-fi film from Europe loosely based on Sesame Street. You can see 200+ stills from the movie at the link.

Here’s the synopsis for safe-keeping:

Set in a dystopian future, Europe’s 1977 sci-fi extravaganza “Shadows of Sesamia” takes place in the once-thriving city of Sesamia, where the characters of a formerly beloved children’s show now struggle to survive. Due to intellectual property concerns over its similarities to Sesame Street, this cult classic was never released in the United States, and is difficult to find copies of today.

Synopsis: When the mysterious outsider Alvin arrives in Sesamia, he joins forces with the hardened Birdo and enigmatic Corvus to expose the sinister forces behind their city’s decline. They uncover a disturbing truth: the puppets from the children’s show are being held captive and subjected to experiments that extract a hyper-addictive drug called “Essence” from their very being. This drug gradually drives its users insane, ensuring the oppressive regime’s control over the population.

In addition to the drug extraction, cruel genetic experiments have led to the creation of numerous human-puppet hybrids running wild, products of a twisted vision to control and dominate the city. Alvin, Birdo, and Corvus must navigate the dangerous streets filled with regime henchmen, human-puppet hybrids, and the looming threat of the Essence drug.

Together, they embark on a mission to rescue the imprisoned puppets, put an end to the twisted experiments, and dismantle the nefarious production of Essence, ultimately fighting to restore the magic and joy that once flourished in Sesamia.

Shadows of Sesamia is a chilling, thought-provoking exploration of power, control, and innocence lost, set against a familiar yet nightmarish backdrop. This 1977 European cult classic is a treasure for dystopian sci-fi enthusiasts who manage to find it.