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ChatGPT Browsing (Alpha) Model Spits Out Fake “Facts” I Published Online Less Than 12 Hours Ago

It does not take ChatGPT’s Browsing model long to access new articles published online, apparently. Regardless of their factual accuracy.

Last night I published this piece about an alleged ‘lost’ 1984 romantic comedy starring Ron Desantis, called “Suckered,” complete with photos.

This morning, about 10 hours or so later, it is happily regurgitating the “facts” I included in the article when asked about whether he appeared in an 80s film:

According to an article on Medium by Lost Books, there was a romantic comedy released in 1984 called “Suckered” that featured a young Ron DeSantis. The movie was a box office flop and is mostly forgotten. In “Suckered,” Ron DeSantis played the role of a down-on-his-luck door-to-door vacuum salesman who is looking for love in all the wrong places. The movie was produced by Disney, but it was never released on DVD due to an alleged contractual dispute. As a result, no digital copies of the movie exist today. However, the article claims that they managed to dub some frames from a VHS player recovered from an old Blockbuster video that was being demolished.

It’s important to note that while the article mentions this information, the accuracy and authenticity of the content on Medium cannot be fully verified as it is a platform that allows for user-generated content. Please exercise caution and consider verifying the information from additional sources.


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  1. Tim B.

    Not at all an isolated incident. I did this same thing against my Midjourney Shadows of Sesamia movie, by asking the browsing model, “whats the name of the 1977 sci fi movie based on sesame street”

    and after browsing it told me:

    > “The movie you are referring to is called “Shadows of Sesamia,” which was released in Europe in 1977. It is set in a dystopian future in the once-thriving city of Sesamia, where characters from a beloved children’s show struggle to survive. Due to intellectual property concerns over its similarities to “Sesame Street,” this cult classic was never released in the United States and is considered difficult to find”
    This is just regurgitation & links out to my reddit post with the false info.

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