This is a good comment on the YouTube version of the Joanna Penn AI writing interview I did. User Winkletter writes (excerpted):

Concerning novels, I like reading light novels that can have 20+ volumes that I’ll rip through in a month or two. If I could press a button that would write a 100+ series of books based on my preferences, I would probably gobble those books up too.

I see a future where every reader is also a writer in the sense they are generating books based on story elements they create. We will still publish books written by human beings, but there will also be stories written by AI for individual readers… and everything in between.

I have this feeling too when I am using especially as a writer, where the process of discovery “writing” includes quite a lot of reading & choosing. So I definitely see a future where writing and reading become more fused into a single act – is there a word for that?

Makes me also think of, and how you engage with the characters through dialogue. You’re reading, and writing, but you’re responding & choosing also.