I’ve had two major influences in developing my books (now up to #63). The first is most definitely the Time Life Mysteries of the Unknown series, which was deeply fascinating to me as a kid:

The second, more indirectly is the “choose your own adventure” genre:

My books do the “choosing” part a bit differently though. Instead of within one book, you have multiple different trails through the narrative, in mine, the choice is reflected in how the reader chooses to navigate (or not navigate) the many strands which tie the various books together.

That is, the storytelling between the books is non-linear, and often contradictory (to be fair, even often within individual books, they are contradictory). The user behavior I’ve seen is that interested buyers come back and pick up multiple volumes, presumably based on the copious cross-referencing I do within each volume to other related narrative threads carried by other books.

I’ve seen many buyers come back and buy 3-6 volumes, and a lot who purchase quantities between 10-20, and a few brave souls who have gone above that – one person holding the record for ~30 purchased volumes (last I checked).

Anyway, that’s all. Just wanted to jot these references down so it’s out of my brain.