Some at least novel reactions to my AI Lore books on this thread at a website called

Maybe some books deserve to be burned

These are ebooks. But please try.

Ai should be outlawed

Good luck with that.

A lot of people are judging this without actually reading any of the books, classic ktt… I got a really good deal and bought 3 of these books for $50 which is actually really good value since new books are usually $25-30 at least. Amazing reads so far considering how cheap I got em. Don’t even realize its AI

Hard to tell in context, but I guess this is a joke? If it’s not, well… they are wrong.

just read the thirteenth installment in the robussy incantation diaries. s*** was mindblowing this dude is onto something

Again, I guess this is a joke? But I think now I will in fact publish a book called: The Robussy Incantation Diaries: XIII. That’ll teach em!

Art is supposed to be a human experience. If you don’t see how AI can and is harming the landscape I don’t know what to tell you

I know someone with this viewpoint won’t ever be brought around, but I would simply argue that… AI is now a part of the human experience. Hence, it is now a part of art. Get used to it. Within the next few years, our greatest artistic achievements will all use AI extensively.