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I deleted my account

After getting deep into Midjourney v5, I just don’t see the point of bothering with Stable Diffusion anymore – not even for a site that gives you a bunch of free daily generations. I’d rather pay for what I get in Midjourney – the quality is so much higher, and the results for time spent are much better.


Midjourney bans prompts around Xi Jinping


Two new books with Midjourney + Claude

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  1. Tim B.

    i also wish i could pull the value i stored in dall-e credits out of dall-e and either transfer them to another product under OpenAI, like their API, or else be able to transfer them altogether over to Midjourney…

    i hate “coins” but this might be a decent basis for a cryptocurrency, that powers AI generations and can be used fluidly between services

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