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Carnival block (Brazil)

Carnival blocks, carnaval blocos or blocos de rua are street bands that mobilize crowds on the streets and are the main popular expression of Brazilian Carnival. These parades fall under the term “street carnival”, and happen during a period of about one month, beginning before and finishing after Carnival. Carnaval blocos usually perform samba music all around Brazil, but other popular musical styles (also identified with Carnaval) are present in specific regions, including frevo and maracatu in Pernambuco and axĂ© in Bahia.

Source: Carnival block – Wikipedia


Comparsa (Carnival, Spain, Latin America)


Samba school (Brazil, social systems)

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  1. Tim B.

    “Each school displays glamour in colorful costumes and floats with special effects and is organized into different segments or “alas” (“wings”). The “alas” represent different components of the school’s theme, or “enredo”, as they act out a homage to a myth, historic event or figure, or express their view on a social, environmental, or international issue. ”

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