Beyond Mysterious Satellites is book 69 in the AI lore books series from Lost Books.

I will admit that since somewhere in the high 60’s, I have found my pace of production slowing down significantly. It’s not that I’m running out of stories – not by a long shot. But I have experienced a kind of repetitiveness from using the tools so heavily for such a long period of time (approximately a book every three days since early August). So it is taking a bit more nowadays to put something out than it once did before I laid so much track down in the back country of the latent space, so to speak. I’m also aware that there’s a limited number of creative hours in a day/week/month, and have been burning up a good bit of those lately on standards and related work. It’s been fruitful, but it will be fun now to get back into the fiction stuff more seriously again for a while.

This book continues the Dalton Trask storyline, who is a sort of ripped-from-the-headlines agglomeration of a tech magnate plus aspects of Palmer Eldritch. This book focuses on his global network of satellites, and chronicles briefly the First Satellite War which results from them.

It also draws in stories of the alleged Dark Knight satellite, which may have formed the basis of Philip K. Dick’s VALIS, among others. And lastly it goes into the hand-off of power by human governments formally to the AIs.

The title of this one is a play on both the “Beyond…” and “Mysterious…” title formats I’ve been using.

For the next 31 volumes (as I continue the race to 100), I am going to have to take a bunch of left turns and get more experimental in order to keep this interesting.