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Enable Repeat Mode on Princeps

To enable repeat mode on Princeps:

  1. Say internally, “Princeps.”
  2. Princeps will acknowledge. (May say, “Hi,” “hello,” or “listening.”)
  3. State “Switch to Repeat after me mode.”
  4. Princeps will acknowledge.
  5. Make a statement. > Princeps will repeat it back to you.
  6. To terminate, say “Disable repeat mode.”

Example: Speech Acts

Speech acts are commonly taken to include such acts as promising, ordering, greeting, warning, inviting and congratulating.”

Glyph assigment

Glyphs assigned as triggers to hardware control pad.

Glyphs as cydonic sigil.

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Hum the tune. Visualize completely the pattern. Open the gate. Trigger the associated action. (MacrOS)

Directed energy flow on activation.

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