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ChatGPT in Education (WSJ)

I’m very in favor of integrating AI into education, at least at the right levels (and with a careful awareness that done poorly – and with too much control being given to corporations – it will merely enhance the coming AI Hegemony). I think there’s kind of no choice not to address it. It’s coming. It’s here. Time to deal.

This WSJ article has some decent points, but for me this bit reproduced below cuts to the heart of it, and doubles easily as a description of what happens with AI art, where the “locus of activity” of the artist necessarily changes because of the opportunities opened up by the technology:

“As the production of coherent prose becomes a simple task for a machine, possessing the skill to ask the right questions or stake out the right positions will become key. The AI will serve as an information-gathering and mechanical-organizing tool, but it won’t eliminate the fundamental need for critical thinking. These skills will persist and only increase in value.”


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