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Traditional ecological knowledge

Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) describes indigenous and other forms of traditional knowledge regarding the sustainability of local resources. As a field of study in anthropology, TEK refers to “a cumulative body of knowledge, belief, and practice, evolving by accumulation of TEK and handed down through generations through traditional songs, stories and beliefs. It is concerned with the relationship of living beings (including human) with their traditional groups and with their environment.”[1]

Source: Traditional ecological knowledge – Wikipedia


Akhenaten’s Iconoclasm (Ancient Egypt, religion)


Isnad: Chain of Transmission (Islam, Hadith studies)

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  1. Tim B.

    “TEK can also be referred to as traditional environmental knowledge which emphasizes the different components and interactions of the environment. More specifically it contains the knowledge of species of both animals and plants, and biophysical characteristics of the environment through space and time. “

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