I’ve gone about this elsewhere, but wanted to capture it as it’s own post…

I think the best role of the artist in relation to AI, and to any other media, is to “interrogate the technology,” or the tools, the medium, the materials, the forms, etc.

That is, you learn about how best to use any new tool or material or technique by actively exploring it, by modulating it, by testing, and re-testing. It may well be driven by intuition, but the exploration can be in many ways scientific and systematic. You create studies and sketches. You try things out, see what works, what doesn’t, what could work for your given need, and what might work best, were it available.

Then, through that discovery process, you document what you’ve found via the artifacts you create through experimentation and exploration. As your understanding and mastery of it grows, you’re able to piece together those disparate bits into the work you want, the story that was slumbering in the tools and the technique and your use of them, and how it all intersects with your own life.

To me that’s the essence of art, of creativity. You don’t need AI certainly to apply it, but as an artist, I think you owe it to yourself to apply it as a lifestyle to everything you can. I think that is the ultimate richness that “being an artist” can bring to you, and those around you.