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The Portail System (Quatria)

The original builders of this portail system had been lost in the mists of time. Legends differed, Eradus explained to Benda, as to whether they had been built by the ancient Lagom or Ardeid peoples, or some other mysterious third party. […]

“But there are other portails as well.” He did not say where. Benda was intrigued. Though his memory still failed him, he was fairly certain he’d never heard of any such thing before.

Source: The Arch of Passing – Tim Boucher

“For this reason, and for the fact that it has been discovered etched into the peak of the arch of the portail system in the Grand Lodge of the Hall of Life, the doubled form is sometimes referred to as the ‘Creation Gate.’”

Source: The Knot of Quatria


Ball’s Pyramid (Pacific geography)


High Council of the Five Kings (Kremel)

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  1. Tim B.

    “Returning, he lead them to another part of the castle courtyard, on the far side of the central keep. There were two round wooden upright posts standing up from the ground. Across the top was a lintel, slightly wider than the breadth of the distance between the poles. Eradus remarked that it looked like a door.

    “Aye,” said Banarat. “Go you two now through it, and you’ll pass in an instant to the Plain below.””

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